Sunday, March 1, 2009

love , define by ain

Love is a many splendored thing, they say,
And I believe it when you looked my way,
Out of the blue, things seemed to happen
By chance or destiny, is the question.

Living my life so long, without knowing your existence,
Then came a day we felt each others presence,
Guess what's meant to be will always find a way,
Love creeps into hearts and decides to stay.

A love so exquisite, yet so intricate,
In a world of only "you and I"
A love we can't even demonstrate,
A secret we have to keep for life.

I love you, Mohd Fairul, and its from my heart,
I hope you know that youre no beggar from the start,
You make me fly without wings,
You make my heart wants to sing.

Every moment I spent with you,
Is every one of my dreams coming true,
More than words, I want to show you how I feel,
Someday, some place, sometime, I will.

Love is a journey for two,
Step by step, me and you,
The future we can't see,
Let love lead the way for you and me.

Nurul Ain T.Tairuddin


joegrimjow said...

bahagianya dieee

nur-al-AIN said...

hope it last with hepy ending x)
pray for us!

AhmAd tAUfIk said...

1. assalamualaikum

2. da kawen eh?? hepi jek.. jeles seh..



jom share2 cerite..

selamat membace.. kalu rajen la..

kn joe kn..



nur-al-AIN said...

utk wanita gersang and lelaki miang?
apa itu?


kami nk kawin, tp tiada wang..
hoho x)

AhmAd tAUfIk said...



1. xpe, pelan2..

2. kalu ade jodoh xkemane..

3. just hati2 ngan laki.. wakakaka

4. bnyk da jadi mangse.. ( xmenunjuk kepada sape2.. just pengalaman ku.. )

5. insyaALLAH 'de' tu mampu bwk kearah kebaikan.. amin..


nur-al-AIN said...

kami dh 5 thn same2..
harap dier x cm laki lain tu..
huhu x)

tp saya yakin gk dier x cm tu..

hope kamu pun jumpe pengganti ye en taufiq soon x)

AhmAd tAUfIk said...




weng3.. ^_^"

nur-al-AIN said...


nape en taufiq?

bahagie ye idup solo?

huhu x)


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